ACM Press day: The Plastics Problem & Women In Action Sports

The All Conditions Media team

Awesome to attend, listen and photograph for All Conditions Media at their #ACMPopUp event in London last weekend! Superb talks and discussion on The Plastics Problem and Women In Action Sports.

Emily Penn speaks about the Plastics Problem alongside Hugo Tagholm and Lucy Siegle

From The Plastics Problem, thank you for the inspiration from ocean advocate, Emily Penn, Surfers Against Sewage’s Hugo Tagholm and BBC One Show’s Lucy Siegle.

From left to right. Sam Haddad hosts Lesley McKenna, Manon Carpenter and Sophie Hellyer

From Women In Action Sports, thank you for the discussion with Lesley McKenna, Sophie Hellyer and Manon Carpenter supremely hosted by Sam Haddad. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Jones Snowboard and interactive art piece by Rich Roberts

Stoked to be part of Rich Roberts interactive art piece and special thanks to All Conditions Media team Olly, Marlon, Jo, Pim, Ali, Carleen, Jojo and Matt Barr. See you later today for more talks on Women In Action Sports. If you’re in the East London area, pop in to say H E L L O !