Leandre Sanders is an ambidextrous skateboarder from Los Angeles, California. It was early January 2018 and not your typical day in Venice. The skatepark looked gloomy and dark, there had been a little rain the night before so the surface wasn’t exactly slick, but the concrete definitely felt colder and the transitions larger. Leandre was already in full flow, riding the large bowl and this snake run at breakneck speed, with both regular and switch tricks. It was unbelievable to witness first hand. So comfortable riding both ways is not normal and I was motivated to at least meet him. After we spoke briefly I got comfortable with this hip he had a cross-rocket on. With the line he took, I could slide right in just after he’d passed to get this angle. It was hairy and on a couple of occasions, we nearly collided, which is never ideal when you’ve only just met a rider. Anyways, the shot came out so well it was reposted on the Berrics Instagram and received over 15k likes and 166 comments. People loved the question of whether he’d landed the trick or not (he didn’t), what was on his mind at the time and it really sparked a little viral energy around the shot. It’s still reposted on a weekly basis and I love to see how different people interpret this.

Edition of one hundred. Signed by artist.