Adi Dassler


Gib Niemals Auf

'Glow for the soul. This talented branding expert will make your business shine! What would we have done without him? We'd still be in the dark ages of no-brand-land. Hamish not only gave us the vision, but also a new way to express ourselves. Through his work we now have a voice. A voice to change the world...'


The Dassler family, hiers to Adi of Adidas, tasked me to create a spin off with a $250M investment in a new brand property.


With the help of the Dassler family, we were tasked to create a new brand design and digital platform from the IP of the Adi Dassler archive.


First, we researched the considerable family archive for evidence of the original signature, and key moments captured in photography that helps to tell the story of the amateur athlete. From here a team was formed to illustrate a new monograph and icon for use in the brand design system. Colours were chosen, custom typography purchased and the strategy came to life.


The success of the launch of the multi-family office spurned the idea to expand the property to include a lead sports accelerator program based out of Berlin, Germany. Now in its fourth cohort, the addition of like-minded startups has expanded the remit of the financial product. Helping to build equity for startups and deliver long-term value to a diverse range of clients.