Design System

Deep, a subsea startup, required a comprehensive Graphics Standards Manual to ensure brand cohesion across all equipment, digital and print platforms. As a design system specialist, I spearheaded the creation of this manual, crafting a set of guidelines to reflect Deep's innovative ethos while maintaining visual coherence.


Deep, a subsea startup, recognised the need for a cohesive design system to establish its presence as an essential ocean delivery platform. With a vast array of applications, from submersibles, to vehicles, uniforms, printed manuals and digital products, a core design system was essential to ensure brand cohesion.


As the creative lead, I was tasked with spearheading the creation of a comprehensive Graphics Standards Manual for Deep. The manual needed to encapsulate Deep's brand essence while providing clear guidelines for consistent visual representation across equipment, uniforms, digital and print platforms.


Collaborating closely with the senior team at Deep, I developed a draft graphics standard manual in InDesign before expanding this out to digital applications, with design and development executed utilising the no-code tool, Webflow. This allowed the creative team to build fast, in-house, at scale without the need for external development support.


The culmination of these efforts yielded a comprehensive Graphics Standards Manual that serves as a definitive resource for Deep's internal and external stakeholders. By adhering to the guidelines outlined in the manual, Deep can now confidently communicate its brand identity, values, and offerings across all touch points.